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Project Description
Tool to query FAST for Sharepoint and Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise Search. It utilizes the search web services to run your queries so you can test your queries remotely from your local machine. It shows your results, allows you to refine your query (FAST), and page your results.

The FAST for Sharepoint MOSS 2010 Query Tool is a WPF client that allows a developer to explore the scopes and managed properties of a given SharePoint Search SSP, build queries in FQL, Keyword, or SQL Syntax, submit those queries and examine the raw web service results. This tool can be useful in building and troubleshooting your FAST (Keyword and FQL) and Sharepoint (Keyword and MSSQL) search queries.

The FAST for Sharepoint MOSS 2010 Query Tool is based on the design of one of my favorite troubleshooting tools for Sharepoint 2007. SharePoint Search Service Tool. I have taken some of my favorite features of it, and created a .NET 4.0 WPF application that adds upon the features it gave us. It allows you to query both FAST for Sharepoint and Sharepoint Enterprise Search 2010.

The tool allows you to refine your query using the FAST search refiners and re-run your query to see the results. It has new added capability to use XRANK to alter the weighting of specific terms in your query.

The tool works now on Sharepoint 2007 and Sharepoint 2010 without FAST enabled.

The tool was built in Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0. The .NET 4.0 Client Profile is required to run the tool.

I welcome any suggestions and I'm still working out all the error handling. Please contact me with any questions or issues.

My blog is at Boxout6 F4SP Blog

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Results Window
Here you get a recap of the query that was executed, and a rendering of the web service results. If you run the Query method, the results are shown as formatted XML, and if run as QueryEx the results are a DataSet (this is the recommended method), and are loaded into a WPF DataGrid. You can save the query to a file for later use within the tool, update the query and re-run the query, select a refinement (only in FAST), or save the XML results to a file.

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ResultsWindow Thumbnail

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